Integrated approach


Regal London’s Land Team comprises multi-disciplinary real estate professionals with a wide range of backgrounds and experience.

The team sources direct opportunities via active engagement with landowners, targeting residential-led mixed-use schemes across London.

The team is focused on both residential for sale and build to rent schemes across London, along with other mixed-use opportunities, including hotels, flexible workspace, retail and logistics.



Throughout the life cycle of our schemes, we retain in-house planning expertise recognising the key role that this can play in creating and maintaining value for the business and our partners.

From the initial exercise of appraising a development opportunity through to the subsequent stages of a project, our planning team has a continuous involvement helping to determine the appropriate strategy and advise on associated risks and opportunities, providing clarity to the overall planning strategy.


We are acutely aware of the need to maintain a close dialogue with all parties who are interested in or impacted by our development proposals. We place great importance on establishing, from the outset, open working relationships with all stakeholders to ensure a constructive dialogue.

This approach has resulted in us creating long-standing relationships with key partners within the London Boroughs, the Greater London Authority and other important statutory consultees such as Transport for London, Historic England, and the Port of London Authority.

We also place significant value in maintaining good relationships with our surrounding communities throughout the construction stages of a project, making ourselves available to those who wish to discuss our proposals to ensure any concerns are addressed in a timely manner.



We have a dedicated and well-established in-house marketing team working closely with leading creative agencies to create bespoke marketing collateral for each of our developments.

A tailor-made marketing strategy for each development, is detailed and implemented to target potential purchasers effectively and efficiently at the launch stage and throughout the selling period.

The International Sales Department covers four of the major financial hubs around the world with offices in London, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Dubai.

These international offices give us a global reach, sourcing customers from all corners of the world and building trusted relationships.


Regal London has employed a senior management team from Tier One main contracting backgrounds, all with a track record of delivering major projects from inception through to completion.

This team has extensive experience in planning and delivering major projects across multiple sectors including residential, workspace, retail, education, healthcare, leisure and civil infrastructure.

Our fully integrated approach to procurement has many advantages, including the ability to mobilise quickly, completing projects earlier and maximising the return on investment. Our production team is involved throughout the whole lifecycle of a development.


We work as a team with shared goals to deliver a quality product and exceed customer expectations.

Customer Care begins at the design stage and continues right through to the end of the defect liability period, providing a one-to-one relationship with customers. With the customer always in mind, the team checks design and layout, working closely with sales and construction, to ensure that our customers are being kept updated and involved throughout their journey with us.


Our Assest Management team becomes involved with schemes well ahead of practical completion. Early involvement in a scheme’s design and legals enables delivery of a well-considered management strategy.

A detailed design evaluation is undertaken to form the management strategy and service charge budget. Any recommendations from the initial design evaluation are fed back to the design and construction team to ensure any potential issues are remedied. Following practical completion, the team remains actively involved with the management to ensure our high standards are continually met.


Owing to the nature of our mixed use portfolio, we have developed a strong track record of managing, leveraging and disposing of real estate assets outside the residential market.

Over the last decade we have been involved in a variety of transactions with tenants and customers across all real estate asset classes including general retail, F&B, workspaces, hotels, and, most recently, logistics.

Our management team is highly experienced in negotiating complex development agreements, disposal contracts and leases to ensure that our mixed-use schemes are institutionally acceptable.

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Jonathan joined Regal London in 2016 as a Non-Executive Director and was appointed Managing Director in January 2017 before assuming the role of Chief Executive Officer in July 2020. Prior to joining Regal London full time, Jonathan spent 25 years’ working in law, corporate finance, publicly listed funds and private equity. Jonathan is both a member of Regal London’s Executive Committee and Management Committee.